A Night Like This

by AtM

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This is the very first project from AtM of M.M.E which is an upcoming duo from St.Louis, MO. The Album name as you can see goes by "A Night Like This" and has features from other artist from M.M.E (Mastermind Einstein, Lyrique, and Klassik) and also other great features like Dharma Jean, Sixela Yoccm, and Ciej from THE FORCE. It also includes great production from Centipede (Austin Carter), Mastermind Einstein (Muhammad Austin) from M.M.E, Michael Franco, Symphonique (Rémi Sorbet), and Adult Fur (Ryan McNeely) All from FarFetched!


released August 1, 2012



all rights reserved


AtM St Louis, Missouri

AtM (Amir + Malcolm) – a Hip hop duo/defenders from evil and wack shit. Born and raised in St. louis, the grimy streets of North side shaped us to want better for ourselves as well as our people and we incorporate that in our music.
We shared the same stage with hip hop acts such as Slum Village, Blu, Knxwledge, G-Eazy, Pac Div, Black Spade, BBU, Nitty Scott, ODDISEE and Tanya Morgan
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Track Name: Year 1 Feat.Ciej[Prod. by Michael Franco]
Year one, Day one, No earth, No sun, No reason, No jesus, No pieces, No fun.
Track Name: Vice Kit - Prelude[Prod. by Michael Franco]
One for the money, Two for the power, Three for his head, and Four for the flowers, Get Em, Get Em, Get Em, Get Em, Get Em, Get Em, Get Em, Get Em, Get Em.
Track Name: A Night Like This[Prod. by Michael Franco]
Below the influence, ON A NIGHT LIKE THIS, Cause I really been through it, ON A NIGHT LIKE THIS, Man I don't know If I can do it, ON A NIGHT LIKE UH YO, ON A NIGHT LIKE THIS.
Track Name: Sky Fall Feat.Dharma Jean[Prod. by Mastermind]
When the sky comes falling, I will be standing right here, I won't lose my balance, I will have nothing to fear.
Track Name: Blow Up On A Someday Feat.Mastermind Einstein[Prod. by Mastermind]
Monday , Tuesday, Wednesday, Someday, We gon go as far as we can GO, Then go some more, Take off from the boulevard, Shooting straight for the moon and stars, We might not come back home, Leave us alone!
Track Name: Dumb Negro Feat.Klassik&Mastermind Einstein[Prod. by Mastermind]
Dumb Nigga Diss Track!
Track Name: Odd Motivation[Prod. by Michael Franco]
Father I wish I understand.
Track Name: You Take Up 95% Of My Brain Feat.Lyrique&Klassik[Prod. by Michael Franco]
Hey girl, I kinda based this verse after you, and Roses are red and Violets are blue, and Every other day I been thinking of you, I just want you to know, That i been thinking of you.
Track Name: That Woman[Prod. by Michael Franco]
Invite it, Try me out you just might like it.
Track Name: Time Machine Feat.Lyrique&Sixela Yoccm[Prod. by Rémi Sorbet]
My fams, In my ear, Talking ish ain't trying to hear, and My worlds in a swirl can I rewind time again, Dear time machine, Oh time machine, A 25/8 is what I mean, Trying squeeze a 9/5 in a day with my dream, Shit something's gotta give I need time to breathe.
Track Name: Chaos Theory Feat.Sixela Yoccm[Prod. by Mastermind]
Sometimes it makes me wonder why, My sunny days turn to thunder skies, but The rain that's pouring down, It's what helps you sprout from the ground, So I stand, Rain or Shine, Growing over time, and Everything's in the plan, Just lean on me, Take my hand and let's ride.
Track Name: Life At Night[Prod. by Clams Casino]
Hey mom, Hey dad, We don't talk much, but I had thought It would be good If you knew something, I Like My Life At Night, I Like My Life At Night, Ohh I am different at night, I am different at night hmm.